Sociedad indiana. Group on Social History of the Indies

The social history of Iberian America and the Philippines, when they belonged to the Spanish lavador-azadaEmpire, is a broad field of interest that has often been underrepresented in the academic world. In fact, most programs of seminars or publications with a social perspective focus on the period after independence, and concentrate on industrial development, urban expansion, syndicalism and socialism. There are no real intellectual reasons for this limitation.

Our purpose is to establish a meeting point for those interested in these areas and times, in the first place to find each other (there are groups that have valuable initiatives, scattered in various countries), share ideas and eventually to organize publications and meetings.

We already have a web page with spaces for essays, news and resources of interest. We are also planning a monthly seminar to discuss advances and research projects which will be held at the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

We hope to share this initiative with researchers, professors and graduate students. To this end we have invited some leading researchers in different countries to join our editorial board. If you are interested in participating, or simply want to be kept informed about our activities, send an e-mail to including your full name, research topic, and institutional affiliation (if applicable) as well as a brief reference to your publications or activities in this field. You can also follow us in our places in Twitter and Facebook.


Felipe Castro Gutiérrez                                                                     Isabel Povea Moreno
Institute of Historical Research, UNAM                                         Casa Lamm

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